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This project has been canceled due to lack of interest.

Tiddly-Chrome Ex is a Google Chrome extension that lets you import, store and edit TiddlyWiki files. If the file is a TiddlyWiki file, then saving automatically writes to the extension’s storage.

This app is still being tested so there may be bugs. You can log query or bug report on the Store page.

Installation Guide

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Open the TiddlyWiki file as usual.

  3. Click on the Tiddly-Chrome Ex Icon in the top right TCEx Icon

  4. Click “Import Current Page” and, from now on, open the wiki from the list in the extension. It will be stored in the extension’s storage.

  5. Perform a test edit and save to make sure that everything is working properly.


Which browsers are supported?

Obviously, since this is a Chrome extension, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a different browser that supports it. Prefer newer versions of Chrome to ensure optimal stability.

Info and Links

If you want to submit a bug report, it can be done here.

I will post any news about updates or downtime on this blog but, more reliably, on my new Twitter feed (@Lord_Ratte).

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